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Making it better

  My grandaughter has had a very challenging life for only being "almost "6 . She has seen more than a lot of people who are grown. And yet she has managed to maintain her wonderful imagination and zest for life. Her Pampa and I do the best we can to make it better for her however we can. When we are rewarded with one of her beautiful smiles it makes it all worthwhile. We adore her and she knows it, and it has gone a long way in healing her sweet little heart. Thank you son, for bringing our little red-haired girl into the world!

I`m not done yet

   Some days I get out of bed and all I want to do is crawl back in it. The courage and strength I need to face life and all of crap that goes with it is just beyond my reach. But I can`t let that hold me down or stop me from doing what I need to do. I am a strong woman, I do not need anyone to justify my existence. My life isn`t perfect , but it`s mine and I`m gonna live it like it belongs to me. I have alot of good things to offer this world, and the petty selfcentered haters in it are not gonna bring me down! Blessed Be.

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